Moving to a new city can be an exciting opportunity, especially if it means advancing your career. But relocating for a job change is not always as simple as packing up and heading out – there are several things you must consider before taking the plunge. To make sure your move is successful, Pacific Executive Search shares some tips for successfully pulling off a career-related relocation.


Switch Jobs (If Need Be)

If you’re changing jobs in the same field, chances are you’ll have to find a new employer in the new city. Start your search by using a CV template to highlight your skills in the best way possible so that potential employers can see the experience you bring to the table. Once you’ve sent out your resume and CV, Save the Student suggests using social media to connect with other professionals in your desired field and network with them through online groups or message boards so  they know who you are and what you do.


Assess the Cost of Living

Part of planning ahead when relocating is understanding the cost of living in your new city. Research local housing costs to see if there are any homes or apartments within the budget that would suit your needs. Additionally, try to get an idea of how much it will cost for everyday items like groceries and utilities so that you don’t end up spending more than necessary later on down the line. 


Get a Read on the Rental Market

Once you know how much money you’ll need for living expenses, start looking for a place to live. Research average rental prices to find affordable areas to move to. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there – including nearly 6,400 in Los Angeles alone – so you can afford to be a little choosy. In addition to prices, check amenities and neighborhoods, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! 


Hire a Moving Service

It’s also important to consider whether you’ll need movers when it comes time to actually pack up and relocate. Hiring movers can reduce time, effort, and stress while also making sure that all items arrive at their destination safe and sound. A moving company can help to relieve some of the tasks associated with moving your home or office, providing valuable expertise and expert transportation services that are designed to ensure a smooth transition.  

Prepare Your Pets

If you have any pets coming along with you during the move, Einstein Moving Co. advises preparing them ahead of time by creating a comfortable environment with all their necessities such as food, toys, bedding, etc., so they don’t get overwhelmed when traveling long distances or settling into their new home. If possible, take them on short trips before moving day so that they become accustomed to car rides and being away from home for extended periods of time; this will make them more comfortable once it’s time for the big move.


File Your LLC 

If you’re bringing your business along, there’s a lot to consider. Moving a business to a new state can be an exciting opportunity but can also come with administrative headaches. One of the first steps when relocating is registering your LLC in California. To save time and money, you may prefer to file yourself rather than hire an expensive lawyer. Be sure to research the rules and regulations surrounding business formation in your new state so you can be sure to stay compliant.


Moving your family and business to a new state can be a daunting prospect, but it is an adventure with great potential rewards. Taking the time to consider all the facets of such a move and preparing thoroughly for it will ensure the best chance for success. From financial planning to finding the ideal location to registering your business, there are many aspects to think about when moving your family and business to a new state. With careful planning, you can take on this challenge and come out ahead!


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