Hiring talent can be overwhelming when you’re not partnered with the right external recruiter.

Having an in-house recruiting team that is knowledgeable about the core operations of your business is important. This ensures that the team has expertise in the areas that are most critical to the success of the business and can efficiently and effectively find and hire the best candidates. However, for roles that fall outside of the team’s expertise, it may be helpful to utilize external recruiters who specialize in those areas.

According to Forbes, one of the benefits of working with a recruiting agency is that they have established relationships with top candidates. These candidates may not be actively searching for new job opportunities, but a recruiter can help to identify and approach them about potential openings at your company. In addition, a recruiting agency can provide access to a wider pool of candidates than your in-house team may be able to reach on their own.

External recruiters can also provide valuable insights that your in-house team may not have access to. As LinkedIn points out, candidates may be more candid with an external recruiter about their motivations for making a move to your company, or may provide feedback about the recruiting process or your company’s position in the market. This candid feedback can be valuable in helping to identify any potential red flags or areas for improvement in your recruiting efforts.

Overall, utilizing external recruiters can be a valuable way to supplement your internal recruiting team’s efforts and can help to ensure that you are able to find the best candidates for your organization. It can also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruiting efforts by providing access to top talent and valuable insights into a candidate’s fit with your company.