What to Look For in a Recruiter When Contemplating a Career MoveHow a good recruiter can really help you with your career goals

If you’re thinking about making a career move, you want guidance from someone with an inside track in the Los Angeles accounting and finance industry. That’s where a good recruiter comes in. Beyond your own network and professional circles, a recruiter with a solid background in executive search can hone in on your specific career goals and experience, while giving you insights that will to help you make the best move for your goals and needs.

The Devil’s In the Details

The best recruiters shouldn’t just be slinging jobs at you and trying to convince you to take them. An experienced recruiter who specializes in your discipline and your city should be able to give you details about prospective jobs not otherwise available to you, such as:

  • Company culture, work-life balance, track-record of promotion
  • What experience each role can provide to you and how that experience will benefit (or stagnate) your desired career path
  • What skills companies are looking for – not just at your level, but at the level you want to be in five or 10 years. This is the most valuable information for you to consider at this point in your accounting career. What will companies want when I leave my next job?

If a recruiter doesn’t specialize in your discipline or preferred geographical area, they may not have many jobs to share with you at all. If they only have one job that is a fit for you or it seems difficult to get any honest insight about the one role they are representing, compared to what is available in the market in general, you should seek out additional recruiters for your search.

Helpful Insights

One of the benefits to a recruiter specializing in an industry and focusing on a geography is that they will have insight into the companies and types of opportunities available to candidates like you in the market. They will also understand how you compare to other candidates available to their clients. If you are fortunate enough to work with one recruiter who is able to provide you with multiple opportunities, take advantage of the insight they can provide.

Specifically Leaving the Big 4

If you’re getting ready to leave Big 4 public accounting, find one or two recruiters with experience not only recruiting public accountants in your area, but also those with experience placing clients with Big 4 experience throughout their career. They will not only guide you on the right role for you now, but also how it will help you when you’re ready to move to your next role.

Everyone’s path and career goals are different. We see this first-hand as we talk to clients and people like you looking to make their next career move. If you’re curious about what’s available in the Los Angeles accounting and finance industry and how best to make your move for your goals and needs, give us a call. We’re here to help!